Opening Up About My Depression (Men’s Depression)

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Men’s mental health is a very serious issue. Especially depression. Men do not talk about it at all. I want to share my depression story. This isn’t the whole situation as depression is very nuanced. It is a difficult illness to explain but I am trying my best. I hope to continue these talks when I get more of a grasp on it. In the meantime, check out the book below. It will help describe a lot more than I can.

“I Don’t Want To Talk About It. Overcoming the Secret Legacy of Male Depression”
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Wizzle Dizzle says:

Thanks for this video Dan! Eye-opening to my own problems!

Joanne Hart says:

Dan, what a BRAVE video! Videos like this help bring mental health into the mainstream so those around us have a better understanding of it. I've struggled with depression my entire life so I can understand some of your struggles. I hope that you can continue your path to beating the depression and anger. I also hope that your family, friends, and online community help to uplift you during your trying times. Also, don't fall into the trap of stopping your medication because you feel better. That's the recipe for a serious downward spiral and an even more challenging recovery. P.S. – It's good to see the desert of Tucson. I grew up there and still miss it. God Bless!

Abram Roley says:

That took guts. Glad things are looking up. Keep it up and thanks for sharing

cuneyt a says:

You are on the first step of healing. Holding a mirror in front of your face and confessing. The major mistake we do is blaming the others. Unfortunately you can't do anything about them. Your dad, your girl friend or your colleagues etc won't change if they don't want to do . The only thing you can work on it is you. Start from you and take all the responsibility of your life and pls get rid of the medicine in a short period. Of course adk to your doc about this process . Ride safe and be happy. You are not the only one going through such a thing👍.

brewskisdodge says:

Dan first off thank you for making this video as opening up!! I am a 36 year old male with three kids 6,4,2 and was just recently diagnosed with MS huge life changer. What can I look for as signs that I could have signs towards depression. I can relate to some of the things you were talking about, like throwing myself into work. Sometimes I feel as it’s an outlet from my chaotic busy household. Anyways love your channel and I am a former Arizonan myself born in Tucson now reside in Colorado! God bless!

William Prins says:

Dan, may God Bless you and yours! Happy Easter my Brother!


Joe Rosado says:

Dan thanks for talking about this man. I'm going through this and it's hard to talk about it with anyone. Only thing that gets me through it is going out for a ride on my bike. Lost a good job of 15yrs, 3yrs ago because I sunk into a deep depression. So I moved to Texas. Meds have helped a little, but I've found that listening to stories of others who are going through the same thing has help more than the meds. Thank You for talking about this man. I wish you and your family all the best. Stay safe out there.

Carlos Perez says:

You are nice person as far as I can see…..God bless you bro

Jason Duerr says:

Thank you. I appreciate your candor. Real bravery.

TerryRides says:

respect, subscribed

ragedmaximus says:

prayers. I can tell you JESUS CHRIST is the answer for everything. GOD bless. ps go see the movie "I CAN ONLY IMAGINE"

Gustavo Pinho says:

Talking about it helps to make even more people aware of depression and other similar conditions! Congratz on the awesome channel!

Melchor Apodaca says:

I've had this for many years and did not talk about it. I seen my son today for the first time in a few years, He looks great and all grown up. I hope I get to see him on a regular basis.

Colossuss35 says:

Nothing but respect to you for sharing this! You definitely have a new subscriber 🤝

Scott Countryman says:

Be careful that stuff is mad addictive and with your prior drinking be very mindful it does not get out of control

Scott Countryman says:

Bro everything is fun or tolerable on Xanax

Red Shift Rider says:

Hey, Dan,
I appreciate you broaching the subject – I had my first fantasies of suicide when I was 10 or 11 years old (everything is crap, nobody cares about me, etc.)
It took me about 20 years to stumble across a great BCT (behavioral cognitive therapist) who really helped me put all my thoughts in perspective, and showed me a way through my feelings and toward actively useful tools I could (and did) use to overcome my own thoughts/feelings/insecurities, as well as ways of being "heard" without being a jerk.

I myself had struggled for many years with depression/anger/helplessness, then came across a person who was wonderfully capable at redirecting my focus from a place of insecurity/helplessness/anger to a place of being able to work it out through thought, action and commitment.

Thanks again for sharing your story, I really appreciate that men are beginning to feel able to talk about their issues without the stigma of "being a woos".


MotoTraveler USA says:

Thanks for sharing! I know a lot of guys will benefit by hearing your journey with depression.

Tim Dalie says:

Been there and I can relate. Just recently pulled myself out of a 2+ year depression. Watching channels like yours, and coworkers telling me to get a motorcycle and go riding with them, got me on a bike. As soon as I started riding, most of my problems became non-existent. Buying a motorcycle probably, if not solely, saved my life, gave me a way out, a way to rationalize, and a way to be free and worry-less. Keep it up!

Henrik Bonnevier says:

been watching your Chanel a few days now and you are one of the most down to earth and genuine good guy. takes huge currage to talk about this. know how it feels, walking my own long path self. keep up the great and meningfull content. regards a new sub from Sweden

saliston says:

Dan recognizing that you have depression is the first step. I am glad you are in the path to healing. I have been there brother and your story sounds so close to mine. It gets so much better stay on the path.

Rider Dad says:

All the best Dan

Grey Goose 4x4 says:

Stumbled across your channel … awesome stuff man !

Chris Ibarra says:

Brother, I applaud your courage to talk about this. I have daughters that suffer from depression and anxiety and it is a tough thing to go through. Keep it up and keep talking, especially with your girlfriend. As long as she knows what is going on she will stick it out with you. Honesty is the best policy.

ahmed says:

Huge respect Dan!
Thank you for openning up about what you've been through.

tom rebel says:

Huge respect, man! Thank you for sharing this.

MCrider says:

Good for you Dan! I wish you all the best. There is no more important job than being a Dad.

Yeixon Perez says:

Thank you Dan

JJ J says:

At first I was reluctant to watch this whole thing. I was like, "25 minutes haha nope". But that was definitely worth it. Thanks for sharing man, it takes a real man to admit real problems. It's amazing what living up to your issues and seeking help can do. It really shouldn't be a shameful thing to do, it's sad that it is.

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