Healed Asthma, Depression & Weight loss ~ Miracles of ShivYog Healing

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Principles behind Shiv Yog Healing:
Every human being has been blessed with infinite healing power in his body, mind and soul. Shiv Yog purifies this raw human being who is like raw, unrefined gold waiting to be polished. It teaches and guides the human how to activate his inbuilt healing mechanisms to gain a state of perfect health, not only in the physical realm but also on all other fronts which we can think and also those where our imagination can’t reach.

The concept of Shiv Yog is that we need to help people to get to the place where the body’s natural healing abilities can take over the process for maintaining homeostasis. For example, when there is an infection we don’t tell the body to heal but automatically the White Blood Cells take over and the secretion of antibodies takes place. Likewise, Shiv Yog says that even the secretion of Antidote of a disease should also begin in a similar manner. The body has the capability. Just that this capability has to be ignited.
Shiv Yog is a science where one learns to reach one’s inner core and activate, trigger and significantly boost the healing system of body while simultaneously giving cosmic healing to enhance the recovery process in case a disease is already present.

Medical Research:
For a period of over three years between the years 2009 and 2012, the clinical reference laboratories of SRL Diagnostics conducted over five thousand tests on 920 volunteers, who participated in the sadhna shivirs organized by Shiv Yog. These tests were conducted using state-of-the-art equipment and instruments to study and evaluate the effect of Shiv Yog practices on human physiology and health. The key findings are as follows:
• Most tested volunteers showed measurable health improvements within the span of 8 to 9 days of basic sadhna shivirs.
• The benefits of this nature or magnitude are generally not seen to be achieved without medication in such short periods of time.

• It was also observed that Shiv Yog meditation created a natural Valium like effect both in terms of enzyme activity and through bio-chemical changes.
• The tests that were done at RNA and DNA levels showed changes in a short span of 8 days.
• In 2011, a study on diabetics was conducted over a period of 180 days and it was observed that if patients continue and persevere with the Shiv Yog meditational practices, diabetes becomes less and less severe to the point where pancreas begin to regenerate themselves.
• Of the 920 volunteers who were studied in these shivirs, 595 showed significant improvements, 245 showed moderate improvements and 80 did not show any measurable improvements.
• The significantly improved parameters included Blood Pressure, Lipid Profiles, Diabetes Profile, Stress markers, Cardiac care markers, Renal function markers, liver function markers and other endocrine health markers.

Detailed reports for the above mentioned research is available on the website www.shivyog.com

The people who have incorporated Shiv Yog in their daily life are finding that
• Stress has disappeared from their lives.
• They are experiencing a state of mental peace that they never experienced before.
• The ability of the mind to handle situations and take immediate decisions has increased manifold.
• Their ability to learn new things and retain them has increased.
• They are able to command respect and emerge as natural leaders.
• They also enjoy love and respect of their seniors.
• Their state of health (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) has greatly improved and their medical expenses have reduced to minimum, if any existed before.
• Their equation with their family members has greatly improved and there is an environment of love and happiness in the entire family.
• They are beginning to understand the meaning of life and thereby enjoy it to the fullest.
• They now have a sense of direction and a purpose in life.

~ For more info please visit www.shivyog.com ~


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Tejal Raval says:

namhshivay babaji

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