How To Stop Being Shy And Quiet – 12 Tips To Overcome Shyness

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Do you have a hard time meeting new people? Do you find yourself declining invitations? Follow these strategies and learn how to overcome shyness and become more confident in life! Self-consciousness can be a major factor and a cause of a lack of self-confidence. If you want to overcome shyness and social anxiety, you need to understand that people are not looking at you. Most of them are far too busy looking at themselves. If you are always trying to fit in, you are doing nothing more than wearing yourself out. Not everyone will like you, and this is OK. It’s normal!

Taking care of yourself can totally boost your confidence! Even just small things, like: showering, flossing your teeth and keeping your nails trimmed can make a big difference in how you feel about yourself. To gain confidence and self esteem, find something you enjoy and know you are good at. Focusing on doing this very thing, whatever it is, could help you overcome your shyness. Knowing that you possess some unique quality will boost your self-confidence. It will help you accept yourself – wholeheartedly.

If you don’t start talking to people, you will never stop being shy and awkward! Try to be a bit more talkative and practice talking more openly with friends, family and even complete strangers. Approach others and strike up a conversation. This will give you a chance to meet new people, and you will be facing your fear of talking to others. Making eye contact is one of the best confidence building activities you can do! Direct eye contact helps create a more emotional and meaningful connection. The more eye contact you make, the more interested you seem.

So give yourself a chance and start saying yes to invitations! This will allow you to be around people and socialize with others who share your interests. If you constantly put yourself around people, you will get used to it. And this will definitely help you stop being shy and quiet! By doing these self confidence tips every day, you can slowly overcome shyness and become more confident, until you can publicly display who you are – without fear of being judged.

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Javed Braq says:

I am not a shy person but when I talk with strangers i have no words to talk after few minutes and I quiet.i don't like those people who talks too much .

kaizen says:

don’t worry y’all 2.2 million ppl are shy

Marquinn Carson says:

One of the reason people are shy is because they lack confidence and they verbal self-defense skill… if this is you their is a website www. there's also a book you can get at Amazon call how to answer a fool it will show you 46 different ways to verbally defend yourself this will help take away a lot of shyness be blessed

Antbeast23 says:

The key for me is start convos with people and put attention on them. Ask questions and find a topic that the person has with you. Just keep practicing. At times I feel like know one talks to me and I kind of lack that confidence especially talking to girls but people will open up if you talk to them first. Make eye contact and always answer with words. Smile and be positive. Talk loudly and clear which is my problem too. Have confidence. Join clubs organizations and go to events also. You can network with more ppl. But still yet there are times in convos where people are
talking about things and I can't offer anything in the convo or ppl stop talking to me after a while. As a introvert it's hard to break out of your shell and be out there. I like being by myself but sometimes it can get lonely. I think being who we are makes us unique too.

Prince Ali says:

I’m so shy that I sneak to the bathroom.

Stephanie Rejon says:

I'm super shy and I hate when I meet someone new cause I always wait for that person to start the conversation first! 😡

lukman lucky says:

My friend is really shy . She is always in her room . I will show her this video so that she can watch it . I hope she change when she watch this video

Enma Ai says:

I think what you call shyness is social anxiety

laurenxoxo oxo says:

im binge watching these type of videos because tommrow im going skating (i have no idea how) and im meeting my favorite hockey players

Sort Your Life Out says:

Great tips!

Selena Nguyen says:

So strange but I’m not very shy and stil watches this video😑😑😑

Naughty Dog Fn says:

My nose is the problem, my crooked smile is the problem. I'm a good looking guy but…only when i'm quiet, cuz if i speak or smile…pff…idk…I look bad in videos too. I used to like a girl that told me she'd be my gf but with one condition… Become zack Efron. I was like… What? Are you kidding me?, of course she was kidding but i got obsessed with perfection, most of the girls want a model, pretty face, perfect body. I just feel ugly!.

Indrid Cold says:

Being shy is a self defense method. There is nothing wrong with being shy. It protects us from harm from others. What people have to concentrate on changing is trying to be social. Being social puts us in harms way and exposes us to attack from others. In the 21st century, it is better to have no friends at all. I have had no friends since 8 August 2000. Being socially isolated has served me well over the decades. Social isolation is something I would recommend to anyone. It is a bit lonely, but very worth it.

Sarah-Jane The Artist says:

Easier said than done…

Dawn WolfXX says:

im relly shy and i feel anxious bc i think my friends will laugh at me… but I CANT REALISE THEY ARE LAUGHING FOR FUN.. this helped a bit tho

Th3 RedOne says:

Not this at all I have a problem in talking when I'm in a meeting or a class in college and specially presentations, the fact that there is a lot of people looking at me and hearing what I'm saying and i can see there faces and some of them are bored and laughing makes me shy as a person who is talking in front of them it makes me insecure, the big problem is my face turns red I hate it so much and then they realize it, I can't hide it, that's one thing I hate about being white ffs

lowkey maximila says:

i get shy around my own bf i get low self esteem & just ugh its difficult

bloodreina yay says:

My problem is that I can't say sonething that I don't like or something that bothers me, and i'm too shy to argue w/ someone because I feel like I'm so awkward and stuff… 🙁

Alexandra Whitlow says:

Everyone in my school has been spreading rumours about me horrible rumours because of my ex friend telling everyone nonsense it’s gotten to the point where I feel so uncomfortable walking and being around people because of the rumours and what people are gonna think of me.i need advice

Henry Badillo says:

Who eles is about to talk to there crush😂😂

Aarti Panchal says:

This video really helped me😁👍

Rhea VA says:

I'm very shy. I'm in 7th grade and I'm in a class with other 7th and 8th graders. My BFF is also very shy, so are the rest of my close friends, but my BFF is the shyest of all of us. All of my friends in my class are put beside each other on the other side of the room from me (I don't sit near any of them). I sit near lots of noisy people, and they often give me headaches. I feel extremely self-conscious and it bugs me to the point where I'm sometimes crying in my room at night. I'm normally way too shy and self-conscious to talk to the teacher when I'm at my desk because I'm scared the people near me will judge me. I once had a nightmare where I was so shy, that whenever I had to speak to someone I'm not 100% comfortable with speaking to, I can't speak even if I try. I woke up from that nightmare thinking, "Oh, thank God I'm not that way" Well, it turns out I am… When I'm at my desk, and I need to talk to the teacher, I've learned to mostly nod or shake my head, point and use actions to avoid disaster, because when I go to talk to the teacher at my desk, near others, when I open my mouth to speak, nothing comes out. Such a great way to start my new year's resolutions!


That girl likes me I always catch her staring at me then she wants to make eye contact and my stupid ass just turn away and no gf forever .

MikTRDG says:

I canceled a performance cause of my shyness help.

shizza khan says:

I want to shy but It.can't happened with me

Ashfiya Rajguru says:

I'm not at all shy n I want to b one of the introverts cz I say everything to people dat is running In my mind about dem instead of backbiting n dey end up getting angry n I'm fed up of Dis thing

Saqeeb Sakib says:

I'm 19 & still shy,introverted. I love to mix with my kinda people. so guys add me as your frnd on facebook,I would to love to get connected with you☺

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