Alpha Stim Tutorial: treats Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Pain…but how does it work?

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NeonLadyUK says:

I do not have headaches but the cheaper version is just for the mental health conditions. I do have bad insomnia and anxiety. Did it help anyone with that?

Karin Drummond, DC says:

Did you find something that worked for your headaches?

missdube1 says:

Why would you make a review video without knowing how it works for you? What a waste of viewing time.

JayeBird says:

The audio is barely understandable.

a says:

Where can i get one of these ?

a says:

Do you think i could buy the ear pieces and use them on a different tens unit ?

jmmanuel seale says:

do you or anyone know if the alpha stim produces micro amps..thanks

Rossana Buchert says:

Can we share the Alphastim

Tony Zamberlin says:

Is it normal for it to pulsate on your ears the entire time ?

Jason Odermatt says:

Yes it works, its great, it works,

ElectricMessiah says:

Thank you for this video. VA just sent me one of these units and am floating around Youtube looking for some quick intro vids. Would be nice to get an update from you. It's been almost 7mo since your last video. Are you still using the unit? Any thoughts after months of use?

Rachel says:

I'm thinking of getting this treatment..but i feel like it might be BS. does it actually work?

goltoof says:

can you give us an update? Has it worked for your headaches?

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