Magnetic Pulse & Depression

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Magnetic Pulse & Depression


Lation Fly says:

is this khz? where can i find one for 800khz?

Goldstar 36 says:

Have you heard anything about PEMF tech, for Alzheimers.

Aching Pluto says:

do you think i could use this on my head even though I have metal fillings in my mouth?

Joey Roman says:


Peter Higbie says:

couldnt you use the north to kill the bad then use the south to heal?

Giorgi Aleksandria says:

neodymium Magnet N52 really helped me a lot

161clayton says:

so south side encourages growth so if you point it at your penis and puu does it make it bigger ?

syyenergy7 says:

The north side (or negative side) is touted to hinder pathogens The south side supposedly helps stimulate growth. If there are harmful microbes present or infection, the south side will also supposedly stimulate the infection or harmful microbes also. That is why they normally recommend to use the north side almost all the time.

Nat Campbell says:

Very interesting – I will give it a try. I am wondering why you recommend using the north side? On the Sota site they claim the north side is more calming, and the south side more stimulating. The treatment currently in use, TMS, stands for Trancranial Magnetic Stimulation.

syyenergy7 says:

It's just a theory. Some have been experimenting with it good results. Either Soto Instruments or the Dr. Clark device. As I said this is something newer and not widely used yet. Magnetic pulsing seems to hold promise in many areas but is not something to use in lieu of other treatments. It might be beneficial to experiment with it as some people said it works. But with humans there is always that placebo effect, so you never know if what someone said is real science or just in their mind.

sKeM2k9 says:

Please let me know the name of it. Please PM me with the name of the device.

Xplane Man says:

Good video… I usually build my own magnetic pulsers with party strobes and my own coils and RCA cables.

syyenergy7 says:

Actually the Russians did a lot of research in this area decades ago. The 1st setting on the Bt7 Biotuner is the same frequency that Shaman priests emit while in deep prayer. That is why is seems to work well.

Accuracy Marked says:

Tesla used to get very sick being around his HF-HV test equipment…When I was younger 27ish, I performed many novel HV experiments using quartz-hematite with spark gap…I think I stripped too many ions off my body…makes you tired and sick the next day. I'm sure if you can add the right-pos-neg (call it Ion-PH of the body)'ll make you feel energized-happy.

gedgetips says:

I have a SOTA device similar to the one in this video. It seems effective for various aches and pains and helps reduce gallbladder discomfort. I use it along with a device that pulses current at one wrist for improving my immune system response. Never thought about using it for depression, so will try to talk a friend with depression issues to give it a try when I visit next time. He is already using enough drugs and thus going with a non-drug shouldn't create any bad reactions.

RUcookoo says:

They have had laser tec for many years but it has been kept out of the glorious military – how can the industrial military complex make big money on a war if it only takes a beam of lite to take out the enemy ? a beam of light and a hell fire missal have drastically different price tags

evanlhm9999 says:

I am a registered "glorifed drug-dealer" Guess what? I am not offended and i am totally agree with you. what the heck…haha

CapitalismPrevails says:

Have you watched the YouTube TED talk video on deep brain stimulation? Its pretty good. This kind of technology might change the human race.

YouReallyMuseMe says:

I read that TMS therapy can cause seizure in a very small percentage.

rurandycostarica says:

Try it on the cat.

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