Finding ways to cope with bipolar II disorder

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Imagine going to a movie theater as a young kid and having a panic attack. Then struggling throughout your whole life and eventually dropping out of college. That’s what happened to David Leite, author of “Notes on a Banana: A Memoir of Food, Love and Manic Depression.” He’s sharing ways he’s been able to cope and thrive with bipolar disorder


Ian MacDougall says:

He said bipolar 2 has no physio sis but I believe if someone is extremely depressed they can also become psycotic. Correct me if I have this wrong.

Kiki jean says:

I can’t watch the whole video because it’s on faux news

Roma L says:

i want to drop out of college i cant stand living in this world with this fucking disorder messing up my goddamn life. And ive been on meds 5 years.

Princess Pea says:

I was diagnosed manic-depressive right before I turned 20. That was 26 years ago. It always annoyed me that they renamed it bipolar disorder. Manic-depressive illness is much more explanatory.

Zep Tepi says:

Suicide worked for me.

theylied1776 says:

And Trump has yet to be diagnosed?

Prepper III% says:

eating healthier foods natural and good exercise greatly reduces symptoms.

Tracy Poling says:

this guy is a nut, oh He studied himself, this is HIS belief. Pills and meds are bad, this guy is no doctor, he is a WRITER for god sake. This is unbelievable. I'm bipolar, don't do pills, this is a guy that has no job, . This host ain't no Dr. He doesn't even know the actual meaning of bipolar. Bipolar is emotional swings , from one to the other in seconds, sad, mad, . If your bipolar, don't take their poison pills, smoke some pot, it works.

FlyingYankee59 says:

A "normal" person living with or being married to someone who is Bipolar can go crazy crazy ! People with depression unknowingly hurt the people close to them.

Dan Monterroso says:

Is it true that most Caucasians are mentally ill?

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