DOES CALM WORK? | CALM MAGNESIUM POWDER | Anxiety Depression and Stress Relief

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Does Calm magnesium powder even work?
Order your own container, try it out and let me know your results! I would love to know how it worked for you guys!!
CALM by Natural Vitality:

I do receive a small kick back for recommending the product, so if you prefer a brick and mortar store instead, GNC and Vitamin World also provide the same supplement there. ENJOY!

A few years back, I uploaded a video during bad anxiety of mine. I recommended a whole food magnesium supplement (link down below.) Even though it helped a bit, it did take a bit for it to kick in. If you understand anxiety, depression or even STRESS, then you know how frustrating it can be waiting for something you take to go into affect.
I trialed the magnesium powder after bringing it up with my Naturopathic doctor and I decided to make a video on what I think of it!

THE BEGINNING OF ANXIETY (Magnesium Whole Food Supplement)
Order your own MegaFood Whole Food Supplement Here:

CALM MAGNESIUM POWDER by: Natural Vitality



Follow me on my journey to self-healing from my mental disorder through clean eating, mindfulness and good ol’ fashioned talk therapy.




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Sonny Nguyen says:

A no lie though, I'm liking your whole vibing style, very informative video, bout to go to whole foods and get my calm on

Brandon Russell says:

Funny but informative. Thanks.

Lisa Allure says:

Omg lol I love you ! New subscriber, you won me lol.

Napster1 says:

Wow. Looking back to your Day5 video of Beginning of Anxiety Magnesium supplement I can't believe it has already been 2 years. I recommend this supplement to you and told me you'd look into it. Im glad it has helped you. It's definitely not a cure all but it's great at bringing calmness to those daily storms. I still take this supplement every now and then. Awesome to see how far you've come!

George Ramos says:

Veronica! Buena onda:)

Live Chic says:

I love your positive energy it makes me happy and thank you for info about natural calm😊

Gray Nash says:

Look into St John's Wort, it compliments Natural Calm well for your symptoms, 300 mg 1 in the morning 1 in the afternoon 1 before bed Give it some time

China Jordan Gutierrez says:

Wowwwww you are the Best !!!!!!

Stephanie Robinson says:

Hi, great video! Thank you for your dedication to helping others with mental illness! I just ordered this product, and I was looking for peoples experiences. I just wanted to let everyone know that this product is on Snagshout for $8.25. So you can try it a little cheaper. I’d also be interested to know if you’ve tried topical Magnesium? I have PAD and am in a support group on face book. Some of the people in the group have had success with magnesium oil spray. I picked some up last night and the relief is immediate. I have muscle cramps so bad that my toes are constantly curling and gripping the floor. This helped relax my feet and also I can feel the calming sensation that you were taking about! I putt it on about 8 hrs ago and slept so heavy that I slept thru my alarm. I’m running late even and my anxiety should be through the roof right now, but it’s not! Just so you know it’s cheaper to make your own. All it is magnesium flakes dissolved in distilled water! The spray I got at Walmart was $18 and I saw a pretty big bag of the flakes on amazon for $8. Hope this helps. I got a run now, because like I said I am running late. Best of luck to everyone suffering from anxiety! I did sub…

Enrique Laracuente says:

all she talking very true i try this couple days ago and is works specially when I have panic attacks 100% recommend

karly says:

Ugh glad I stumbled on this video! New subscriber. Healing cave lady sells this on her site! Also CBD solv it’s THC free and helped tremendously with my anxiety! She’s on YouTube and IG!

Mayra S.Martinez says:

I had smoked about a month ago, and it sent me through hell of panic attacks especially at night, my brain would hurt i felt duzzy i felt out of it and since then i haven't been the same, i started taking magnesium which helps it but Its only been 3 days, how long did you start seeing a difference?

Larry Sarallo says:

2:42 If I can't have rainbows coming out of my ass I'm not even gonna try it.

Odeth Morett says:

Love it!! Thank you very much for the advice ❤️

Cheryl Huse says:

Did you ever have derealization / depersonalization anxiety and panic attacks? I just bought this thank you

Deanna Marie says:

I immediately vibed with your style. Keep up the good work! 👍

Linda Callejas says:

Thank you so much for your video!
I just purchased this and I am going to stay on it this week!!
I know what you meN with rapid Solution! I have been looking for a magic pill a long time now. I know is a prodded but sometimes is not that easy. ThNk you so much

66azannor says:

We should start a anxiety club. We can try to figure out each others triggers. Once we identify what's going on we can have fun with it because it's brought on by ourselves.

66azannor says:

Luv ya girl 😊 nailed that junk

musicink says:

Does it really work for generalized anxiety and depression? I also have depersonalization/ derealization…. it’s been a year already and I don’t get any better.

Stacey Mottram says:

Hi great video ! Your hilarious and love your positive energy .. I’ve been having withdrawals from Xanax was only on a few months who ever knew even a low dose take daily would create addiction, I feel so stupid that I ever went on it without researching it , now I’m having insomnia , plus a bunch of other symptoms while tapering and my anxiety is back , I just bought a small container at Walmart of the Calm in raspberry lemonade for $10 gonna try it tonight 1/2 teaspoon , praying it helps with the sleep and anxiety I wake up with 🙏🏻 Thanks for all the info !

Swaganomics 101: Jimmy Rustles says:

Anxiety CAN go away forever. You need to get your magnesium status to a level where your body has enough stores to deal with stress on its own rather than having to take it only when you have panic attack symptoms. Don't confine yourself to the mentality that anxiety is just a normal part of life, because it isn't. You should check out Dr. Carolyn Dean or Morley Robbins. Both are well renowned experts on magnesium.

Magnesium Deficient Anxiety w/ Dr. Carolyn Dean:

Misled and Misfed, What they don't want you to know about Magnesium:

Justine A says:

I'm going to make a cup of tea with this right now. I started calm after having a hydrocolonic. I lost so much weight after a month. I cleared the pipes. It no longer took 3 days for bm. Love it. Who doesn't love to poop lls

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