Ketamine nasal spray could be used to treat depression

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The FDA is expected to approve the first new class of depression medication in decades. It’s a nasal spray version of the drug ketamine, which is used in anesthesia. In powder form, it is also the party drug, “Special K.” Dr. Jon LaPook reports.

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Dawn says:

That's irresponsible, lazy journalism to interview the doctor who profits from the drug's sales instead of independent experts.

sk0sH says:

How about you make psychedelics legal, and there, you've solved the depression problem.

Zevoks says:

Saved my friends life.

Chantelle Powell says:

Yesssss go girl

Jane Doe says:

I’ve gotten infusions of it since 1/2018. Saved my life AND helped me get off opiates for my chronic pain (from chronic illnesses). It’s $350 for me per infusion. I didn’t think it would help. I’d tried everything. I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone. But it saved my life.

Armon Adibi says:

This works and has helped people with serious depression and suicidal thought.

Njingoh Rudolf says:

Contact me for ketamine via whatsapp:+1 (208)718-2442

Michelle Wallace says:

I have been depressed for years and years, since a child, turned to heroin for years as well. Almost four years clean & my depression has only gotten worse, along with anxiety. I’ve been diagnosed a plethora of diagnoses, multitude of psych meds, and have also been through quite a lot. Primarily the loss of my first born son, the loss of my twin sister, the loss of my younger sister a year after, & many other losses but those being most profound. I just want relief. I want to feel as if “normal” people do. I want energy, no fatigue daily. I want to enjoy life and it’s beauty. I want motivation. I want to strive. I’m also 8.5 months pregnant and want to love every single second of it. I want him to have a mother who doesn’t have to force herself to even get out of bed, and I will force myself to do all and more. But I want to WANT to do these things, or rather the energy and drive to do them. I hate myself and how I am. I go to therapy. I’ve seen a dozen psychs. I want to be better and medication doesn’t help. Maybe I haven’t tried the right ones. Looking into tCNS (sp), transcranial stimulation as it has promising results but am put off on electrodes through my brain especially DIY at home. IDK anymore what to do or rather if I’ll ever be happy. I hope I find a cure.

Biekdafreak says:

Only $650 per infusion here in Kansas. Insurance won't cover it either.

Michael Ray says:

Just what we need more addicted people in America, Jesus is the way but you liberals just don’t get it

William says:

Esketamine is a fast acting powerful stimulant that creates an instant "high" sensation. Esketamine is being used more and more in illegal recreational use because of the instant "altered state effect" it creates. In clinical trials, six patients who were taking the drug died, three from suicide. Esketamine creates a feeling of being temporarily "disconnected" from your body and your mind.

Terrestrial Witness says:

Revelation 18:23 And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived. | sorceries: G5331 pharmakeia – medication ("pharmacy"); drugs; spells. | Acts 17:30

ScootMagoot46 says:

OMG. This is going to save so many lives.

GN GD says:

Nancy Pelosi NEED this Drug Ketamine nasal spray NOW for her depression.

Enlightened Person says:

Isn't ketamine harsh on the kidneys?

RannPNut says:

People turn to any clinical drug for highs and medication abuse. Should we not use cough medicine since it's used for illegal purposes? Jesus.

STEM Scientist says:

I am treatment resistent. Anything is better than this pain, even death.

Andy Lin says:

…… she knows her problem.. she had no purpose in life that's why she is depressed.. she even said it herself. go find your purpose, drugs won't help

Rob Austin says:

at the Roxy NYC 1996 in a k hole

La Kabrona says:

I thought Amerikkka was fighting against drugs 💉?

V. Lee Walker says:

You gotta wonder if they are going to feel less depressed, becoming the next drug addicts?

In Harmony With Earth says:

Why not a natural herbal medication used for millenia completely non fatal and fun T.H.C.

Glenn Weeks says:

This woman speaks like she is high…her speech is slurred…

C17H25N says:

Phencyclidine is a far better Arylcyclohexylamine.

Duke of derp says:

try cannabis!

johan fretzen says:

1:55 what doctor really meant to say… "We hear from patients this is what it feels like to be high!"


Usa phramacy industry is a crime organization

Mikey Madnez says:

It worked for me

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