Techies Are Using Ketamine to Fight Their Depression

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Sean Spencer is a pretty successful entrepreneur in LA’s startup community but he also struggles with depression, so he uses ketamine to help with his lows.

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Techies Are Using Ketamine to Fight Their Depression


Thanks Roy says:

Kya hum ketamine injection ka use sargury ke liye kar sakte hai

ATPR says:

I got my first ketamine treatment this Monday. It was a trip. I feel better 😆

Doug Grinbergs says:

Re: ketamine depression treatment, would like to know what percentage of the population actually has access to this today and how much out-of-pocket cost is. More specifically, how many health insurance companies even cover this, how much the premium is, what the deductible is, and how much the co-pay is. Why we need #UniversalHealthCoverage

Deborah Hattel says:

Ketamine infusions have stabalized my son. It's a shame that insurance companies don't cover it.

Will James says:

FDA approved now!!!

bunnyfreakz says:

Hospital should open Ketamine service for depression for cheap price. And no illegal drugs anymore on street.

JimmyJamesonJnr says:

Shrooms might be a better option.

Frank Bottazzo says:

So… Wired doing big pharma's betting, nothing new

Bregje Carolisabeth says:

Hope they are going to do this in Holland

Paul Fitzgerald says:

FDA on board now!

Vaibhav Shelke says:

i like Ketamine


charlie winter says:

K holes are fantastic.

Daniel Pierce says:

I took a lot of K as a teenager and I can tell you that for about a week after you feel incredible mentally! You feel incredibly happy!

OhhChezy says:

I wish the government would open up, but there's no way they're funding this any time soon.

iceberg says:

John Lilly the quiet center cover this including floation tanks. Life is a dream eternal energy playing hid and seek.

Nate one says:

YESSS The very first guy is very correct. I take it for pain but it helps my depression

ruben servin says:

I wish I could afford it

Waz says:

Has anyone got a link forms to land some viles of ket.. Stuff lately is mixed up and I need some pure stuff…. msg me

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