Why I left Sydney + Opening Up About My Depression

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I hope you like todays Chit Chat GRWM! I thought it was time to fill you guys in on why I left Sydney, my current mental health illnesses and just a general update of what’s going on in my life.

This video is a little late too sorry guys!

I hope you guys like it 🙂



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harrisonpamela40 says:

Your strength and willingness to share your struggles will be so impactful to those who are working through their own issues. Thank you🥰

Nur Anis Atiqah Abdul says:

Loving this kinda videos from u kat. Feel kinda close to u listening to the story of your life. And i love your hair so much!😍

victoria trincado says:

You go girl!!!

Jennifer Lee S. says:

Love the video. Missed seeing you, but so happy that you are in a place that is better for you. Date experience story time s are always interesting. If you ever watch coffee break with Dani she had about 2yrs of dating escapades. She did good at not saying names and being open her experiences.

nizeconzeta says:

I have refallen in love with you in this video 😊

wendypatricio says:

I've been a subscriber for over a year now and I missed seeing new videos from you. Glad to have you "back". 😊 I know what it feels to be left out and it's not a great feeling. Hope you're in a better place now. Looking forward for more make-up tutorials and GRWM videos from you. 🖤💙

Laura Lombardi says:

Hi Kat! Loved this look, I am always trying to figure out how to pull off blue eyeshadow! I can relate to many of the topics you brought up about depression and dating. I would love you to make a video on coping skills for depression because I need ideas! ❤️

Leah Puk says:

Yes please to vlogging! I’m sorry you had a bit of a tough run in Sydney, but it at least sounds like you’re onto something good now! ❤️

Chaya Brody says:

U look amazing

mayelaar says:

Hi Kat, I loved this video. Your personality really shined here and of course the look was fire (and ice… lol). Hope you continue to feel better and go from strength to strength. Would love to see more looks with the UD GoT collection too!

Makeup with Maz says:

You’re one of those youtubers who I just love watching, I’d happily watch you do pretty much anything! For some reason it always just feels like chatting with a friend 😊

Beccy Johnson says:

Loved watching video. There is nothing wrong with having high standards regarding a boyfriend. Keen to see you start vlogging again.

Sabine says:

If you can post your vlogs here it would be great, it means more videos! 😍
And yes to story time!
And I really hope that you take care of yourself because depression is really tricky to deal with, one day you’re fine and the next few weeks you feel so bad
Sending you kisses and lots of love ❤️

Jennifer Zeke says:

Hey Kat thanks for sharing what's going on in your life and just being open, honest, and down to earth. I have been loving your channel for years and just think you should know how beautiful you are and please know that you should just keep loving yourself and doing what you're doing. Be the happiest version of YOU! 🙂 p.s. Please upload volt videos on your other channel as well as sharing dating stories, along with makeup tutorials!
-love: Jen.

lakerangel14 says:

I'm so sorry about your cat & I'm praying for your grandma. depression is rough. mine almost cost me my life. I'm praying for you to be able to get through it. you're a beautiful, wonderful person and I love your videos. watching your videos help make my days better 💖😇

Holly McDowell says:

Loved this video and would love to see more vlogs as well! It's okay to take breaks from filming if you're busy or not feeling well, your true fans will always stay with you and understand. I was glad to see this video because I'm taking a break from Instagram so I haven't been able to see your posts, I'm glad you're doing better 💜

Milleny Rodriguez says:

I hope you come back to youtube

Crabby Patty says:

Beautiful makeup and sending lots of love 💖💖💖

Dru Champion-Payne says:

yes vlog on this channel! and you're so adorable and fun to watch! thank you for the updates! ❤

Nidhi Vaidya says:

Doesn’t Steph now live in Canberra? Anyways good for you for choosing your happiness and moving to a place where you feel happier

Nadiah Akhtar says:

Your chatty vids are my favourite. Thank you so much for talking about your depression. I hope you do more videos talking about it makes me feel less lonely! That highlighter is absolutely gorgeous I love the ‘wet’ look it gives and I think the way you decorate your home is adorable 🥰 love you so much. It’s been pretty lonely and dark here too.

Alix Fischer says:

I love you, Kat! Long long time subscriber and always will be here for your videos! Would love a Bumble story time 😈

andrayathevampire says:

In this makeup you look like Harley Queen

Pia Meadow says:

i think you should talk a bout your depression, because it helps people like me to know theyre not alone, and that in it self helps alot! even tho i agree if you struggle with depression you should absolutely get help otherwise it just gets worse. Thank you for sharing <3

GossipVal1 says:

you're so beautiful! love the eye shadow look! and thanks for opening up, i can relate a lot to what you were saying!

Lia Junita says:

You’re really strong and chill about things that I’m not sure I could be even just less chill about, and that independent mindset is inspiring. Would love for you to incorporate your vlogs in this channel! Also, Hardhome to highlight your inner corner 😂 can’t picture anything bright about Hardhome episode.

Lindsay Jane says:

Hey Kat! You did this for you and that is so great. Good for you! I had been wondering what happened to you, but I love your videos so I knew it would be a matter of time before you came back. Keep making choices for you and your happiness. You’re great and very refreshing. I’m also sorry for your loss. Thank you for being so open and honest. I find YouTubers tend to hide behind their camera and aren’t who they truly are.

I would love to see vlogs!! They are my favourite. I subscribe to both your channels so post anywhere. ❤️ from 🇨🇦

LM El says:

I think you should integrate your vlogs on this channel because I'm sure your followers would like to see them. Great to hear you speaking up about depression – it's important to normalize the mental health experience.

Kayleigh Maher says:

Love you Kat 💕 Hope your doing well 💕 Love how open you are with us 💕 Hope your channel will come back with a bang! I’d love to see a morning/night routine and some vlogs 💕

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