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Thanks for watching my how I cured my Anxiety & Depression video. I hope that it has helped you and please remember to seek the correct medical advice for what feels right for you xx

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shamalka rathnayaka says:

Thank you so much sharing your experince , I am suffering anxiety from 10 year and I am suffering different illness along with this anixety. I failed in my relationship. I fell helpless because no one belive me they give different interpretation about my illness just like evil work. I really worry about it . After watching this viedio my thought was changed .I will do this and I will cure all illness and my anixety .thank you

Dean Peng says:

Thank you Emma for sharing such a powerful & positive message! You are awesome 🙂

breakfast recipes says:

when you are suffering from anxiety what diet you eat

Daniela Perez says:

what is the link to the book?

mopthermopther says:

Thank You 😃 I feel better. I go to the park and say hello to people. It’s a start. 🍄🦄❤️

Burnsy 25 says:

This video saved my life. Thank you.

Mrs. Watson says:

What book 📖 should I read

MOJTABA Gemes ❶ says:

you are beautiful 🌚❤

Josef says:

Thank you Emma, i bought "The Magic" yesterday and i've started practicing.
Edit: I ended up not finishing the book.

Bk_Love26 says:

I'm late to this particular video but I've seen most of your other videos. I'm starting to read The Magic now. I haven't had a panic attack in about two years but anxiety has continued to be an unwelcome guest that comes to visit. Hoping this book will be the final piece of the puzzle to be rid of this thing once and for all time.

Sienna L says:

Okay but how did you do it

1 0 says:

I feel lost scared depressed and anxious 😥

SophieWildRobin says:

That's what I've had with a lot of my clients who've had counselling before, and why I call myself a psychotherapist or psychotherapeutic counsellor because it's the same benefits of counselling burning actually work with my client to teach them the tools they need to help them in their situation. Having had anxiety for most of my life it is so important to me to get my clients the help they need asap so they can life a happy and joyful and fulfilling life 🙂 I'm all about the short term and long term well-being of my clients 🌷everyone I've worked with has had success with my methods in giving them control of their anxiety and I'm so blessed to be able to say that lol. I used affirmations a lot when healing the anxiety I experienced. I had generalised anxiety since I was really young so it wasn't situational and very rooted into my personality at the time. Its so amazing to feel free of fear and the horrible physical sensations anxiety can come along with. Anxiety is more future based but not always and depression is tyoically past based but again not always. You are right, there's a Huge element of giving power away with anxiety and realising where you're doing that in your life and having the tools and curiosity to just try to not give it away I ls incredibly helpful! 🙂 x

thicc tansonyeondan says:

what's the name of the book?

margot almanzar says:

Thank you, beautiful. This came in my recommendations at the right time. I struggle with PMDD(basically PMS on steroids with a dash of panic attacks and suicidal thoughts) and I manifested a “cure”. I was dopped up with antidepressants which made me worse(I literally felt like I was in this black hole that I was going to stay in there forever, food had no taste, music was not music) and benzos(which can cause addiction). I found a sympathetic doctor who found out it was all because of my thyroid. And not only that thanks to LOA I manifested studying abroad atm, I have so many great friends, I love myself(and it’s manifesting even in my appearance), my family and I have never been closer etc.

Simina Cristian says:

831 likes and 10 dislikes. Who the fuck would dislike this? I watch this daily daily even several times a day, already doing The Magic, and I trust it will help me. Im just impatient but I have to be patient. I cant force time, I am on day 4. I have amazing life. Idk wtf is causing this. Lack of sleep makes me anxious, but I cant sleep without meds and then I get anxious about not being able to ever sleep without meds.
I guess I just have to be patient, trust God and be grateful whenever I can.
Thank you so much for posting this. I am so greatful. Wish you d make more videos on this issue, like how did you manage to sleep with anxiety and how could you find reasons to be greatful when being depressed or suicidal.
Thank you!!

Simina Cristian says:

Giiirl thank you so much for this video. I needed this.
I have an amazing life, an amazing boyfriend, family and friends… i have just been putting myself down so many years due to my father leaving me and my mom when i was little and then later on having a crappy job.. now i have a great relationship with my dad and he treats me so well and have a nice job.. but i am anxious so mucj thinking i could lose it all, just an unexplainable fear, it s so consuming. The Magic worked wonders for me several years ago but then i stopped. I will try again cause i am tired of living with thia knot in my stomach daily.
Thank you for the wonderful video, be blessed

Thett Project says:

You never said WHICH BOOK?! 😂

The Artful Rogers says:

So what is the name of the book? It's not in the description. Is it the one by Michael J Losier?

Shraddha Pawar says:

You look so good like your energy ☺️

John Green says:

U are very beautifull!Visit me at Cyprus.I pay for all!!

Jess Knight says:

Hello I’m abi and I’m 16. This video is going to be the change in my life that I need. I’m sat here now worrying about my life without my mum (who has terminal cancer) but she’s still here and fighting! I need to get out of this depression and state of mind because before I know she will be gone! I can’t walk away from this! I’m going to be happy and take back over my mind. I had given up but now I wanna fight and be happy for as long as possible! Thank you so much because of you I will be able to enjoy my mum for as long as I have her left!

Tasha - says:

oh my goodness – you sharing this video has really really reassured me – I have recently gone through a similar thing even though I used the LOA to attract that ex into my life in the first place – I now have learnt so much!! I am so happy that I found you and your videos, makes me feel like we are all only human! and it is ok to feel certain ways in certain circumstances! thank you! xxx SO truthful! – I am even more into the law of attraction than ever at the moment and I am have made a manifestation box! thank you thank you <3 so much love x

Erica Jean says:

This helped me so much i want to hug you

ThankGod KEV says:

U cured it cuz u a pretty girl. Imagine if you were fat and ugly with acne and scars on ur face. Hmmm imagine

S.Gharu says:

I am speechless. You are simply amazing and blessed. I am suffering severe anxiety which manifests itself so physically for me. There are so many things that I am going to take from this video in order to help me. Thank you for being amazing and thank you for sharing and being such an inspiration 😘

Harragoth the Lonely Smegol says:

you have crazy cool eyes!

Harragoth the Lonely Smegol says:

This has helped my severe GAD:
Vitamin B Complex
Vitamin C 3 1000mg doses across the day
Fish oil
Magnesium citrate
Low carb diet

And if you can – exercise

Please give it a go all 🙂

noggin pi says:

Silly question but I’ve never really had good friends around me. Recently everyone around me left me, I really want to make new friends but don’t know where to start or where to meet new friends.. ur so lovely wish I had more people like u around me

Martin Saavedra says:

You gave me hope again. I've been in depression for over 3 years. Its gotten so bad that I try to avoid going to the store just because I don't want to see ppl that I know because I really don't like talking to ppl anymore. I used to love going to the gym and now I prefer not to go anymore just to avoid social interactions.😓

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