Anxiety & Depression – Road To Glastonbury 2 (180)

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Today I update you on my journey. I talk about the progress of my recorded music and my decision to take a break from playing shows. Learning why publicists like to promote full length albums. Why do I make art and music? I talk about why I am no longer monetizing this channel and why I turned off the Patreon for the podcast. Thoughts on anxiety and depression.

Anxiety and depression are a choice,
remember it’s a choice,
even when it feels like it’s not,
Attitude adjust,
There is nothing that can change the way you feel except you,
get enough sleep,
eat healthy,
be thankful for all the things you have,
Even when it feels like there is no hope there is,

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diana muahz says:

go ahead cuzzo, keep your head up, everything will work out, stay positive, love u

I'll Build Anything says: Here is what happened to me when I was depressed and how I overcame it, if you want to see it.

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