Writing Our Way Out of Trouble: Sue Reynolds at TEDxStouffville

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The results of 25 years of research strongly indicates that writing down what distresses and dismays us not only makes us feel better – it improves our resistance to physical illness, decreases the symptoms of anxiety and depression, improves our sleep patterns, as well as providing a host of other benefits. This promising psycho-social intervention is available 24/7 to anyone with a modicum of literacy. Sue Reynolds will talk about her work facilitating creative writing with female inmates in the Provincial Corrections system, and about how the protocols for writing for health can help all of us in times of trouble.

BIO: Susan Lynn Reynolds is a freelance writer, an accredited writing instructor in the Amherst Writers and Artists’ method, former president of the Writers’ Community of Durham Region (WCDR) and former vice-chair of the national organization Canadian Creative Writers and Writing Programs.

Her YA novel won the Canadian Library Association’s national Young Adult Novel of the Year award, and she is also a winner of the Timothy Findley Creative Writing Prize for her short stories and poetry.

She is currently practicing psychotherapy under supervision towards the fulfillment of the requirements for her license as a psychotherapist.

Her area of specialty is the therapeutic use of journaling and memoir, and her thesis on that topic received the Canadian Psychological Association’s Award of Academic Excellence.

She has been leading writing workshops for female inmates at Central East Correctional Centre for six years and she received the June Callwood Award for Outstanding Volunteerism for that program.

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TheSeaRoach says:

Committing to it is the hardest part… but the tactile sensation with the accomplishment will carry you as far as you have to go. Good way to reflect.

ICONIQUE Psychology says:

Writing has so many benefits for your mental health and it's great for becoming more emotionally intelligent as well. You can process your emotions in a constructive and creative way. We can all benefit from writing.

Patricia Dunn says:

Women could be such support for each other. It's unfortunate that our culture tends to create distrust and division between women. I used to run a writer's group for men and women being treated for substance abuse. It was the most popular group and I think that Ms. Reynolds is right about the power of finding one's voice.
This kind of work marries very well with other therapeutic modalities. You'd think that this kind of program would be recognized and applauded but alas, it's just not…
Bless you, Ms. Reynolds for your good work.

E Beaumont says:

After watching 60 Days In — I've got a little insight into what you are talking about. I find this extremely helpful. Thank you.

T S says:

Beautiful powerful work
Bless you and Thank you for sharing

Claudia Castro says:

Writing does have the power to heal and change our lives. It's been a very common thread for years even in our ministry but I'm glad to have finally heard not only someone talk about this but a woman on a Ted stage speaking on the power of therapy with such an intense group she worked with that needs a lot of healing. I like to promote how writing can be the most incredible therapy and personal growth for just about anyone.

Silvia de la Fe Gonzalez says:

Sue– since the time I met you– who knows how many years ago, your work has grown, expanded and touched the lives of so many human beings that need an outlet!
You are an inspiration to me and, I am sure to many others! Love, Silvia

Janine Rogers says:

I am a writer too. A poet, etc.

Janine Rogers says:

And I'm only 32.

Janine Rogers says:

Okay my page count as she said would probably be over 100.

Janine Rogers says:

That is something I never thought of. I have Asthma too.

Janine Rogers says:

This woman is good.

Janine Rogers says:

I can relate. I wanted this bad as a teenager. But it never happened.

Grace King says:

Sue, you are such an inspiration! You always seem to let the light in. Thanks for your contribution to the freedom released through your amazing program. Miracles happen with the magic you create for so many. The picture you paint is right on. gk

LittleAlice Jones says:

That was beautiful, Sue. Thank you for sharing your experiences. And thank you for bringing light into dark places.

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