space song // beach house lyrics

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in love


Ivey Adams says:

This gives me memories I’ve never even had.. but wished I had.. like me and my first love dancing in the rain at dark, laughing, and having the time of our life while this song is playing in the background.

saturn tingz says:

3:11 :(((

pure me says:

I just love how this song evolved from the first time I heard it. Right into my soul

Jay j says:

Am I the only one not crying to this? Lol. What remains a mistery to me is where all these "indie" kids exist because I've never seen any outside. At the same time doesn't really matter because I'm not one of them or one of anything. I don't fit anywhere 🤡. All of you are like a distant reality, a movie for me to behold but never be in or experience and yet I'm ok with that fact.

oink oink bitch says:

this song just gives off vibes that I can’t explain..

everlasting euphoria says:

Omg I'm crying. This is so beautiful
Thanks for showing me A. Miss you..

Peachy Potatoes says:

What's this song about or what does it mean for you?

Beren Gazeloglu says:

Found this while crying and ever since this is my cry-to song

nina says:

big rip to those 19 people who forgot to put their glasses in the morning and pressed dislike

Oddly Satisfying says:


I love your channel

I have an interesting business opportunity for you, how can I contact you? (E-Mail/Facebook etc.)

rvx_wdhwan says:

Its amazing how so many people cry to this song.

natalija says:

gives me h&m store vibes

Agreste Noir says:

wow ok this is sad

Farabee Pushpita says:

don't touch me, i'm soft.

les· says:

i wish i could make him smile

Nujaymah Hossain says:

closed my eyes for 2 seconds when i was listening to this, opened my eyes and i was crying

тоске зарос совсем says:

Yesssssss!!!!!!! I love this song, it’s my theme song.

Panch Noel says:

😢😳😓😩😧😥 sob huhuhu

Jesus Valtierra says:

I wish you were mine

ur mom gæ says:

wya dude more contentttttt❤️

lcve editing says:

make video with xxxtentacion song pleaseeeee

that mole on taehyungs nose says:

wow this song is actually nice to listen to when you’re laying in the dark and crying for 2 hours straight 🙂

Lillith Is Said Wrong says:


Cody, The Terrorist says:


Teja Vu says:

Hey I'm an artist similar to Peep, can I send you a song you might enjoy?

잡으러반딧불 says:

Great music!! Feel like I'm awake at dawn alone

Bezimena says:

your channel is everything, thank you

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