Motivational Success Story Of Selena Gomez – How She Fights Depression & Anxiety And Doesn't Give Up

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Motivational Success Story Of Selena Gomez – How She Fights Depression & Anxiety And Doesn’t Give Up

This motivational success story will help you realize that depression never discriminates. That depression is a constant battle and even celebrities like Selena Gomez, whose life sounds perfect, can suffer from depression and anxiety.
But what’s different is that Selena Speaks about depression openly and tries to use her celebrity status to raise awareness of how important your mental health is and how important is to seek treatment, seek help and not stay silent, voiceless, because of shame or judgement.
She was 5 years old when her parents got divorced. She and her mother moved to Los Angeles and struggled financially. They were very, very poor.Her mother had to work 3 jobs just to get by.
While watching her mother prepare for stage productions, Selena’s love for pursuing the same career was born.
Her first break came in 2002, with the show, ‘Barney and Friends’. She became very popular soon and got many acting roles. Also she has a very successful singing career.
But her troubles and problems didn’t end with her popularity. Unfortunately, they got worse..
“I was depressed, anxious. I started to have panic attacks right before getting on stage, or right after leaving the stage.”
“Depression was my life for 5 years straight. Depression and anxiety were the forefront of everything that I did in my life. Every single thing. I would make myself have the courage to just keep going.”
She spent 90 days in the treatment center in Tennessee. She underwent a dialectical behavior therapy. The main focus of this therapy is acceptance and mindfulness, also working on changing the negative behaviors with a therapist.
“DBT has completely changed my life, I wish more people would talk about therapy. We girls, we’re taught to be almost too resilient, to be strong and sexy and cool and laid-back, the girl who’s down. We also need to feel allowed to fall apart.”
You need to fight your depression. Start by creating small task that you can accomplish with a bit of an effort.Start by not laying down in bed. Get up! Use some positive affirmations to help you start your day. I can do this! I am strong! I am powerful! If you do it long enough your brain will believe it.
Pets can help you cope with your depression. Pets will remind you that you’re not alone, they’re here to comfort you and give you unconditional love. And that is very important when you feel lonely, depressed or isolated.
This journey of heeling will be hard, but You will start to feel better..
Just one step at a time.

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Are you feeling down and empty with all hope lost, or maybe you are having a bad day. Are you feeling depressed and full of anxiety on a daily basis, or you’re feeling like a complete failure?Do you need that spark of inspiration that will make you stand off that couch and stop feeling sorry for yourself? Are you tired of being unhappy, unfulfilled, not confident? It’s time to change your mindset! Do you need just a little bit of motivation to change things? The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.
You’re on the right place.


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Spider Snake says:

I've been through battles of depression and anxiety myself and I fight my whenever it occurs it's like being stuck in hole but doing whatever it takes to crawl out of it but for Selena Gomez I may not be able to meet her or talk to her but I'll always have concerns for her and if I ever had the chance to meet or talk to her I'll tell her I'm here and I care and that she can always talk to me whenever she feels down I do love her cause I'm a huge fan of hers not only music but for her and one of the things I cope with my depression is I laugh at it

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I agree with you, but sometimes someone with Depressed they pull over their life from SNS, people around them their isolated their self n IGNORE others help … N Avoid their own fam n friends.. how Can we reach them to Aware.. i love someone who i afraid that he Will do something wrong/missedtreated their self of Depression… He prefer to be alone n iam too worry… We Can help someone who doesnt want to be help…how SADLY that Can be.

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Her story is very help full love you salena love from somalia

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I love you selena and may allah make the rest of your life with happiness,peacefulness and without depression,anxiety and anything related to it.stay and live your life as you like it .for your good soul may allah bless you #strong woman sel babe

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Lupus Is Not Deadly…Even I Have It From 2016 And I'm A Medical Student Myself So If Its Treated Well There's No Issue…Ppl Having Lupus Can Easily Lead A Normal Lyf Just vd A Little Precautions.
May God Bless You Selena Love you xoxo

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