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The Shanghai Composite Index dropped 7% on Monday following a rocky year for Chinese finance. In 2015, the Chinese government had to buy up $230 billion worth of shares to keep their price from tumbling, [More]
I’ve been using Avida CBD Vape Oil for the past week and would like to show you how to load a vape pen and try a new flavour for the first time! CBD oil is [More]
Brain Drops: air pollution linked to increased depression.
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So does CBD Oil really work for anxiety and depression? I will say i was skeptical about the health benefits of cbd oil when I first heard of it. What is cbd oil? It is [More]
Testing CBD from Today is my very first experience of using CBD oil to help tackle my long-term depression. I would love to share my experience with everyone and see if the oil can [More]
Suicide is a very sad but very real situation for many people around the world. Here is a list of potential signs to look for if you think someone you know may be considering suicide. [More]
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Pílulas do Evangelho are recorded by Ricardo Melo in Portuguese and then translated and re-recorded in all languages by volunteers of the project. Pílulas do Evangelho – Como se Libertar da Depressão… – (21/11/2017) Like [More]