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This is the beginning of my reaction vid where I talk about my visit to my therapist. Important enough, I thought! On a daily basis, I talk about my life in my vlog. I suffer [More]
hey everyone! so for todays video i wanted to make another diy kawaii plush and i thought omg… i havent made anything fries related in about a yearrrrrrrrr! which is insane to me so i [More]
These are scenes which will probably go unchanged. Why are these circumstances/scenes so prevalent in large cities?
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This is our first regular video in almost a month and a half. We’ve been gone for health reasons, but we didn’t really explain why. Well, for this week’s TL;DR we’re going to talk about [More]
HE SAYS THE MEME IS DEAD (VRCHAT) i am not queen more vr chat adventures on ▼ MERCH/SHIRTS/HOODIES ▼ NEW KEYCHAIN ▼ friends in vid: fiireburner: lolathon: babytoki: kollan: [More]
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