Presented on July 22, 2018 In every tradition, saints and poets speak of the soul’s search for the Beloved, the seeker’s yearning for the divine. This holy longing is a secret feeling with many disguises, [More]
In Bad Movie/Bad Special Features we take a closer look at not just the terrible films we all know and hate, but also the special features that come with their DVD’s. In this inaugural episode, [More]
This video is for educational purpose and part of assessment for Master of Media Studies 2019. A short film directed Maisarah Karina (AQA180012), Department of Media and Communication Studies, FASS, University of Malaya. Synopsis Saudade [More]
Actor/director Clint Eastwood tells his life story–from his childhood in Depression-era California to his astonishing rise to superstardom. Each major period of Eastwood’s life is juxtaposed with a corresponding phase in the thematic development of [More]
Depression, The Misunderstood Epidemic – Depression Documentary ✳ Visit: to try The End Your Depression System. Depression (major. Buy the DVD: Depression: Out of the Shadows (PBS
Buy the DVD: Depression: Out of the Shadows (PBS – 2008) Many Americans are keeping an important, possibly. [Original airdate: 21, 2008]. DEPRESSION: Out of the Shadows. A lot of Americans are keeping an important, [More]
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How betrayal, lies and pure greed can ruin relationships, isolate the innocent and decimate lives. One persons story. PLEASE LIKE & SHARE to help raise awareness of the cruelty that is depression. NEVER BE AFRAID [More]
Acclaimed documentary about filmmaker Susan Smiley’s mother who has schizophrenia and how the family has coped. A truly inspiring & enlightening film, dispelling stigmas and misconceptions about mental illnesses. This is a story of great [More]