Amelia Halls was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and has struggled with self-harming since she was 14 years old. The 19-year-old archaeology student says she now paints on her body as “a replacement for self-harming” [More]
In this short documentary film, we talk with body painting artist Anastasia Durasova about her struggles with depression and motherhood as she developed her unique creative style.
Artists Illustrates What Depression Looks Like And Some Results Will Make Your Skin Crawl Chances are, some of your friends or relatives are coping with depression. Sometimes the best start in helping the person suffering [More]
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21 grams of depression gallery art show, Perrella Gallery at Fulton Montgomery Community College Jan 2013 by Michael Davis. Music is from Myst games.URU-ages beyond Myst and Riven. I do not own copyright of music. [More]
언제나 우울은 나를 붙잡는다 I can’t get over my depression – Painting Process / Speed Painting ※ This is a [LIVING WITH DEPRESSION – DRAWING PROJECT] Try to make a story in this artwork. I [More]
Hey my loves! Welcome back to Zeke’s Lunchbox! Today I’ll be going through a speed paint art piece for the group show “Hear Me Out” in association with the Anxiety Recovery Centre, Victoria presented by [More]