I have gone through bullying since the 1st grade. 5 years of self harm. Both sisters have been hospitalized, twice. 5 suicide attempts and sadly failed on all of them. I just wanna die now. [More]
I’m sorry.. This was not written down or rehearsed. I just let my worlds come out. I hope this helps people out 🙂 Feel free to message me here: Snap: ellado3 Ig: sc.ella
Hey guys! I wanted to make this video to help you guys and we can all help each other by commenting ( I’ll help you too!) If you guys need to talk just comment! I [More]
There are some moments in our lives when we feel so down and so miserable and feels like nothing can cheer us up. Sadness could be the result of different thousand reasons; each of us [More]
These are just some quotes that can help you feel understood. Hope you like it! 😉
This is a HIGHLY REQUESTED Video which I’m posting today. Thanks for watching, I hope you like it. Music used: The Last Butterfly. Subscribe to my channel for more such videos and press the bell [More]
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these quotes and pics always make me smile for some reason so i put them in this. No copyright for the pics they arent mine 😀