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#1.Labrador Retrievers . These mild-mannered dogs are always good for a smile. Loving, loyal, and family-friendly, these pups are so dependable and eager to please, they’re the number one service dog breed in the world. [More]
The top 10 dog breeds for depression. Having a loving four legged friend around can greatly help you when dealing with depressions. These pets offer you unconditional love that can be very helpful when you’re [More]
If you’re ever feeling depressed my dog, Waylon says lay in sun till you get really hot, and then go in the shade.
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Top 6 Best Dogs for Anxiety Depression is a tough illness to deal with no matter who you are. Whether you live alone or you have a house full of loved ones, it can be [More]
Today we talk about a more serious subject. I suffer from Anxiety and Depression. It’s still a struggle and still something i’m learning to live with but Colt has help me tremendously. I feel animals [More]
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Owning a dog has many benefits for your mental health. Studies show that pet owners have fewer cardiovascular problems, lower blood pressure and reduced cholesterol levels. Taking care of a pet reduces loneliness and helps [More]