Sharing my struggles to find happiness and rebuild myself! Here is to better and brighter days! Please subscribe to my Channel and let me know what other conversations you want me to have! Instagram: itsisraa.s [More]
Natural tea that helps with anxiety and depression.
I am very hesitant to post this video so I hope it’s received well. So, I wanted to have an honest conversation with y’all about depression and suicidal thoughts. In honor of the #BellLetsTalk campaign [More]
Learn how to make tea for depression, anxiety and stress in a few minutes with simple household ingredients. Upon drinking this tea which is also very tasty, you will instantly feel relaxed and stress free.
Während einer knapp dreistündigen live Veranstaltung am 21. August enthüllte Helga Zepp-LaRouche einen der wichtigsten Gründe für den gegenwärtigen Aufstand der US-amerikanischen Bevölkerung: den Gesundheitsberater des Präsidenten, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel. Die Kanzlerkandidatin der Bürgerrechtsbewegung Solidarität [More]
WASHINGTON (AP) – Capping a lengthy and politically charged search, President Barack Obama will nominate Janet Yellen, the Federal Reserve’s vice chair, to be chairman of the nation’s powerful central bank, succeeding Ben Bernanke at [More]
WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Obama will nominate Federal Reserve vice chair Janet Yellen to succeed Ben Bernanke as chairman of the nation’s central bank, the White House said Tuesday. Yellen would be the first [More]
What better way to relax and chat, but by showing you all the 3 teas that reduce my anxiety and depression naturally with some stress relieving adaptogen teas! Ashwagangha, Tulsi and Licorice root are my [More]
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Winter months near the Great Lakes can lead to seasonal depression with limited sunshine and weather that restricts people from outdoor activities.