Black Dog as they say can strike at any time. Depression in Sobriety after a long time drinking is common and here I am experiencing Depression in Sobriety. In this clip I am depressed and [More]
A lot of us , in our lives, go through depression because of various reason . You just need to know that there is always a cure. You should have faith in your self and [More]
Part 1 | Part 2 Killing the Black Dog is Les Murray’s courageous account of his struggle with depression, accompanied by a special selection of his poems. In this event at…
Some pages of the magnificent book ‘I had a black dog’ by illustrator Matthew Johnstone. A short introduction to depression. Winston Churchill famously referred to his gloomy periods as his ‘black dog’. Probably he remembered [More]
From Sometimes life is a beach. And when things get you down, a beach is a great place to clear your head especially if you throw a motorbike between your legs. Winston Churchill struggled [More]
The Black Dog Institute is dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by mood disorders through our high quality translational research, our clinical expertise and our national education programs.
A continuation of the Reiki Diaries in which things take a turn for the worst and the Black Dog is back at my doorstep. A general chat about depression and magick. _ _ _ _ [More]
Was Winston Churchill actually depressed, or is it a myth? What really happened? SEASON 2 AVAILABLE NOW: WATCH THE REST OF SEASON 1 NOW: Andrew Jenks was ready to sell his new movie [More]
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